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Chrysanne Stathacos has integrated an artistic practice with a spiritual practice for the past two decades. Her public art project The Wish Machine fuses anonymous desires with ritual commodification, using wit and irony. This book documents Chrysanne's travels around the world, what she has found along the way, and what she has produced for art spaces between her travels. The uninitiated may find it difficult to discern the difference between what the artist has found and what she has created without referring to the guide provided at the back of the book. This confusion is precisely the point.

Chrysanne's project provides an index of icons and themes that are common throughout human culture, focusing on points where the ephemeral and spiritual are manifested in the material and performative. These points are the hinges that allow doors to open, energies to circulate, ideas to take shape. Certain consistencies emerge: Nature and Culture are inter-dependent; all Five Senses are equated; Happiness and Sadness lie very close together. Color, Light and Memory all play important roles, as if attempting to free us from the insidious grasp of the temporal, the Monster of Time.

The Wish Machine is indebted to the Time Machine of H.G. Wells and the Transporter of Star Trek but also reminds us of the miraculous qualities of airplane travel, which we now take for granted. Again another hinge: the point at which an event or experience changes from the banal to the revelatory. This has everything to do with perception, which has everything to do with both context and mind-set. Another theme running through Chrysanne's images is Reflection, both visible and meditative, manifested through physical means (mirrors, water, photographs) or the illusory (dawn, dusk, shadows and breezes). The Wish Machine, along with the other constructions and actions documented here, is an invitation to open our hearts and minds to beauty, peace and joy. The simplest of gestures can be the hinge connecting the heart to the mind, the earth-bound to the celestial.

Peter Nagy, Milan, June 2009
Introduction from The Wish Machine Travels
More photos to come.....